We Aswini Ayurveda Hospital are the torch bearers of the
traditional ayurvedic healers prevailing for centuries.Ayurveda,the
most ancient system of medicine is perhaps the greatest form of health
care in the world.
Rather than just” the knowledge of life”-it
explains  and disciplines you to the correct way of life,in each
different seasons(Rithucharya),every single day(dinacharya).
Even the slightest change you make- can cause a large shift towards  total wellbeing of your body mind and soul.
has two approach to bringing a physically diseased or a mentally ill
person to a state of well being.One is maintaining the state of a
healthy person through the right life style(Swasthavritta) and the other
is a stricter version of curing and healing through medicines and
procedures(Athuravritta)This is done with the knowledge of the phenotype
of each personality(Prakruthi),the physical aspect is based on vatha
,pitha and kapha and the mental make up depends on satwa,raja and tamas
qualities the combination and permutations of these 6 factors decides
the nature of each person.
Aswini Ayurveda Hospital
invites you to come and experience the essence of ayurveda,here we help
you to drop your illness and enrich your body mind and soul with total
health and positivity.